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Virtual Office - If you have the ability to work from an alternate location (ie. home office), but require the prestige of a corporate address and phone, Purdy's Wharf Business Centre offers the "Virtual Office" solution. You're business will have a prestigious address which you can use to print on business cards, brochures, and even advertise in your web site. 

The Virtual Office comes complete with:

  • on-site administrative support, 

  • mail processing services, and 

  • telephone answering and fax service

... while you work at home or another location.

A seamless solution... the Virtual Office is perfect if you want to present a professional image larger than your actual business. Having a skilled receptionist flag your calls (8:30am to 5:00pm) presents the perception of a large, well-staffed office. During the day, calls may be transferred to you (wherever you are), or messages taken and emailed, or simply put in your voice mailbox for your retrieval at your convenience. After hours, your calls are forwarded to your personal voice mailbox. 

When mail is received, you will be advised via email. Photocopiers, faxes, and boardrooms are available as required.

Now you can make your small business available to your clients without the expense of commercial office space and full time receptionist. Our team at Purdy's Wharf Business Centre will represent your company with an image of a leading edge firm and a team large enough to manage your clients' business effectively.

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home our building office rental services boardrooms virtual office why us? contact

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